Month: June 2017

Share a Laugh with the Android Apps

In 21st century, when nearly half of the population is using the smartphone, the usage of apps is on the rise. From music to cricket to entertainment, there is an app available for all categories.

People have less time to socialize, but ample to get connected via the social media. The users find all sorts of jokes and humor shows available on these networks. The app industry too doesn’t lack behind in offering methods to giggle.

These apps serve as stress busters, and the Android app makers work hard to provide variety and entertainment to its users. The popular Android apps tickling the funny bones are listed below:



The most popular app that makes sure none of its user remain without the dose of a good laugh. It is a site that is popular for its comedy memes, super funny pictures, GIFs and video. The developers claim that everyday nearly 20,000 people post different funny things on the app.

The app gives the option of categorizing the subject of humor one wants to enjoy. The user interface is easy enough for any layman to understand with basic knowledge. The option to share the content via social media is also available making it a must have app in your smartphones. The icing on the cake is that it charges nothing for personal usage.


Funny or Die

A general humor based app that plays trending humorous video from the past and present. The app has been recently renovated to include articles, photos and GIFs along with videos.

The application gives the option to rate a video and the ones having the maximum views get recommended. This humor mill is an ideal companion during free time.


Voice Changer Fun

An app perfectly designed to entertain kids and adults. The app is meant to record voices and then add special voice effects to it like child, bee, monster, etc.

The comic feature directs to sit back and relax and enjoy the changed voice which can even be shared on social networking or set as a ringtone. This adorable entertainment comes for free.


Best Vines

The most active compiler of extremely funny videos, the app has a reputation to fall back upon. The application has been made user friendly so that the user can browse through funny videos via various channels, the content available is short and can cover tea breaks.

Lie Detector

Want to have some fun moments with your friends, try this app. The application allows recording answers, or letting the program generate random answers in a game of truth and lie.

The simple game of question and answers will confuse the companion under this app. The game also offers fingerprint scanner to fool your friends.



When we are in a bad mood, we often want something to pep our mood. The Imgur app does that, it offers world’s best entertainment content related to comedy, animal, nature, gaming, science and some of the best images and GIFs.

The app is very useful in cutting down boredom and the content in the app keeps on updating throughout the day. The application also offers networking with people across the world and sharing stuff with friends.


Goat Simulator

Ever thought of imagining yourself as a Goat. The simulator game gives the chance to imitate a goat.

The app offers realistic animation, 3D graphics, goat rampage along with adventure, crazy walk of the goat, which will tickle the laughing muscle in the body. The application is recommended as a great stress buster.


Make Me Old

The younger generation is a restless group, who always wants to figure out their future. The Android app helps them in their future discovery about their looks. The app provides a fair idea, about the look that one may carry in their old age.

The image of the person is taken and extra effects like glasses, beard, is added, one can even edit the picture based on its personal choice to get a glimpse of the future.

The application works as a fun photo editor which can make the face appear wrinkled and old. People also try adopting their ancestor’s style to match their ageing appearance. The app allows sharing on other social networking sites as well.