Day: July 10, 2017

Best Android Applications for News Feeds

The use of a Smart Phone is more prevalent today than it was a few years ago. You can use it to play games, to take pictures and a lot more about it downloading the different apps apart from making calls and sending messages. Now you have an app for everything and it has made many a task very easy.

This ease has been passed on in the way of getting news too. It is so different from the way people got news through the black and white printed newspaper having a few pictures here and there. The reporting of the news was so drab that there was not much of an impact too.

Change of scenario more impactful

Today the scenario has changed a lot from what it was a few years ago. It is a reality now that the Japanese and the Asians can know about a terrorist attack in the US or a fashion trend being launched in Paris within seconds of its occurrence, all via the apps on the phones they are using.

The impact of all these news will be all the more stirring if you have a good app through which you get these news feeds.

What are the best Android applications for a news feed then?

Search on Google Play may show you plenty of apps through which you can get the news instantly. You can go through this list and decide for yourself as to which is the best one for you.

  • Bonus

It is the official application of android. Get an insight into mobile stuff, the latest YouTube videos and more news and updates about the tech world through this for free. This app is for a tech person.

  • Flipboard

In this app you can search for your preferred news sources and get the trending stories in one single place, all complete with the latest kind of graphics and design. Watching the news through this will be a thrilling experience and for free.

  • Feedly

Installing this app for free you can have your own sources of news. This way you will get the news only on the topics of your interest. Your phone will not be cluttered with unnecessary news of the whole world which has no relevance to you.

  • Guardian

Get all kinds of worldwide news anywhere, anytime through this app for a monthly price of $3.99. You can save the articles of your interest too from this app. You will surely enjoy reading the ad-free content via this app.

  • Podcast

You can get radio shows and podcasts via this app all for free along with all kinds of news of the world. Of course you can choose your news source to limit yourself to what you receive. The interface may not be that up to the mark, but the full screen reading mode will make reading news enjoyable.

  • The score

This is for the sports lovers. You can get all types of sports news through it entirely free of cost.


This is not an exhaustive list. You have many more have your pick and enjoy the news!