Day: July 11, 2017

Best Android Apps for Finance

Despite having a good job and getting a good salary a person may find himself/herself in a tight spot at the end of the month. Many a time he/she may have to borrow to make ends meet or buy some necessities. Such people land in debt and do not know how to come out of this.

All this happens because of bad money management. Such a person needs good financial advice or help from a reliable person to help him/her out of this mess. Is it really possible to find a reliable human in this age? Why depend on one when you can get digital help.


Apps for everything

Today you have an app for everything, so how can money management be left behind. Just search the internet you will find a number of financial apps. The function and working model of each may be different, but you can surely find one that will really help you manage your finances in a better way.

For a better fiscal life you need such an app if you are in a real mess. Asking around you will be surprised to know that several people do use an app for money management and are better off than they were before using the app.

Find a list of a few prominent apps here, which are commonly used by a number of people. You can give each one a try or go through their functions and choose the one that is the best for you.

Here we go!

  • Wallet

This is an expense and income app and many people who have used have a word of appreciation for it. It is possible to access the financial data from any corner of the globe by using this. An added feature is you are able to send files in the PDF format which is considered a safe way.


  • Google sheets

Using it may seem a bit old school, but for those who are really very much mindful of the security aspect of using some app for managing the money and making a budget this is a good choice. You can just fill in all the data of the income and expense in the cells and it will reveal to you what you make every month and how much is available to spend.


  • Goodbudget

This is a budgeting app. Cross platform support and syncing is possible by using it. You can track your income, expense and other financial features using the different tools it provides. It is simple to use and fairly liked by most of its users.


  • Mint

This has several features on it. You can use it to pay bills along with being able to manage your money using it. From time to time it provides you with a credit score and you can get reminders of the upcoming payments to be made like utility bills, insurance premium and the like. It is safe to use too.


The above are some of the apps for Android that are pretty popular among the masses and not many users have had any security complaints because of using them.