Day: July 17, 2017

Top 3 Movie Streaming Applications

Movie Apps have become very popular and are the best solution to the monotony and boredom that comes with the everyday TV guide (specific schedules and outdated movies). The movie Apps also attempt to bring entertainment while on the move or after a long and exhausting day. The list of Apps will surprise you with all the movies and TV shows they have.

To give you some ideas on which Movie app to consider, here is a review of the top 3 Best Movie Apps in 2017 for a great movie experience whenever and wherever you go.

  1. CinemaBox

CinemaBox, formerly known as PlayBox HD, comes top of the list as it has the best and current movies available for streaming on both Android and iOS. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best movie apps that come with amazing specifications such as Chrome Cast bolster, subtitle option, disconnect mode and child lock. This movie app, however, is not accessible in Play Store or iOS Store. Instead, it can be downloaded through an itemized well-instructed manual to your cell phone.

  1. Movie HD

The Movie HD app was created in collaboration with the developers of the Sky HD and HD Cinema apps; it therefore has diverse features and has great recommendations. With it comes an extensive collection of free movies categorized in genres. Its main benefit is that it can be used with Chrome cast, meaning that any movie you select can be streamed from your smartphone to a television screen at the click of a button. You can view more than twenty film categories which include TV shows. This is definitely a good movie apps choice for your Android phones and is available for free online viewing.

  1. Showbox

The ShowBox app is highly popular due to its incredibly user-friendly interface. The navigation is super quick therefore no time is willingly wasted while browsing. The major advantage of this app is that movies and TV shows can be downloaded and kept for later offline viewing. You can have your own home cinema at your convenience. This is great news for movie addicts; you can fit your viewing lifestyle to your own routine and timeline. This app is totally compatible with HD content, so you can stream movies in superb definition as long as your internet connection is fast.

What You Need To Support Movie Streaming

Internet Connection

When streaming a movie, the last thing you want is to wait while it buffers and loads. If this happens often during your viewing, you might need to consider upgrading your speed connection. Below are the recommended Internet speed connections per preferred stream.

  • 5 – 3.0MBps for broadband connection speed
  • 0 – 5.0MBps for SD quality
  • 0 – 25MBps for HD quality
  • Above 25 MBps for Ultra HD quality

Home Theatre

A home theatre is optional; however it can bring a great audio experience and could boost your viewing attention because you are more engrossed in the moment, creating a lasting effect and fond memory!